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About Me

My hula hoop journey

My name is Eleni and I am the founder of Sacred Circle Store.

I started my hula hoop journey in 2017 as an attempt to get my body back after giving birth and spending many hours carrying my son.

 I went to my first hula hoop class with the fear that adults cannot hoop and I will only embarass myself.

After the first 5 minutes with the   hoop I started feeling joy and happiness and continued taking hoop classes. About a month later I bought my first hula hoop and since then I am officially  addicted and hooping almost everyday. 

In 2018 I started making hoops  for me and friends and in 2019 I  started selling hoops.

In 2020 I successfully completed the Live Love  Hoop teacher training and since September 2020 I have taught Hula Hoop Workshops in Festivals and I give regularly  Hula Hoop Fitness and Tricks classes. 

As a hoop maker I am commited  to bring you products of great quality in affordable prices  for evey budget.

In addition I offer personal consultation if you have concerns about the right hoop and if you are Berlin based I always invite you to my workshop to see and try the available choices.

As a teacher I wanna spread the happiness of hula hooping and help you find your hooping identity and individuality.

Thoughout these years I have met and connected with many other hoopers and I am looking forward to welcome more in this great & supportive community.

Get in touch with me for anything!! I will be more that happy to talk to you!

Sincerely yours 


Hula Hoops
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